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How we do it?

We believe in hybrid models

Our team has the freedom to work in a hybrid way, combining virtuality with in-person to provide the best service.

Our commitment is the same: to offer solutions in real time, regardless of location.

Legal innovation

We explore innovative solutions to offer different and effective strategies that make a difference from the perspective of our clients. In 2023 we must use technology and specialized tools to be more effective and offer a legal service different from the traditional one. 

Our team is always informing and training. This allows us, for example, to provide our clients with monthly reports on relevant legal developments in their industries.

Distance is not an obstacle

Our interest includes providing quality legal services regardless of distance. That is why at Marín Ortega we have been able to work with clients who are outside of Colombia; We have advised people in Holland, Italy, Spain and Venezuela 

First, we know you

Our relationship with any client begins with a first meeting, which has the fundamental premise of getting to know the person and their needs, before advising them. We are convinced that the first step is to understand each person's specific goals and challenges without expecting immediate reward. 


This philosophy allows us to draw up an action plan completely adapted to the specific situation of our client, guaranteeing that each solution is adapted and not a generic job. 

Our clients deserve personalized attention

We believe that personal relationships and frequent contact are the first step to any legal relationship. Therefore, all our clients can speak with someone from the Marín Ortega team any time they need it.

We seek success beyond the problem

Any office or lawyer can simply solve a legal problem. We seek to solve them but also go further. We want to promote the growth of our clients and exploit their potential or that of their particular legal situations. 

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