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Who we are

Experienced Legal Advice

Marín Ortega Consultores Jurídicos is a law firm founded by Nicolás Marín and Germán Ortega, two committed and experienced professionals in the legal field. After five years of working in prestigious firms and advising various companies, we decided to join forces and create a firm that provides specialized legal services both in the corporate sector and for individuals.


Our combination of experience and youth allows us to approach legal challenges from a fresh and energetic perspective, providing innovative and efficient solutions to our clients.


We are committed to providing quality, accessible and timely service to our clients. We have a team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to address any legal consultation or emergency that may arise, providing peace of mind and constant support.


In our office we value the trust our clients place in us. Therefore, we are committed to protect your interests and safeguard your confidential information. We work with the highest professional ethics and dedication, guaranteeing a personalized and confidential treatment in each case. The trust and protection of our clients is fundamental for us.

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Our Experience

On a daily basis we provide advice to companies from different sectors; hospitality and tourism, gastronomy, market research and real estate, among others.


Within the framework of our consulting and judicial representation we have carried out different private transactions between legal or natural persons, particularly for the hotel sector and the construction sector.


We currently provide services to various clients in relation to corporate matters, both in contractual matters and in consulting matters regarding project execution and human management, among others.


Likewise, we provide both consulting and judicial representation in two fields in particular: declaratory and executive processes and as trusted defenders or victim proxies.

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Mission and vision


Revolutionize legal advice, providing innovative and top-quality solutions that meet the needs of all our clients, whether companies or individuals. 


We seek to be the catalyst of success for any person or small and large companies. Through innovative and personalized legal solutions, we drive growth and maximize the potential of our clients.

Conoce algunos de nuestros clientes

"We have achieved the pre-opening of our hotels with an occupancy of 85%. This is thanks to months of hard work. Thanks also to the team at Marín Ortega Legal Consultants, in charge of the legal area."

Manager of Calú and Ilar.

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