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Welcome to our space dedicated to dreamers, visionaries and those who bring new ideas to life. At Marín Ortega, we understand that the journey of entrepreneurship goes beyond the legal. For this reason, we have generated important alliances to enhance your path to business success. 

Marín Ortega - Startups

We are a modern firm. Without high costs, getting to the point and, above all, innovating for our clients. 

The legal first. 

Explore our service areas, from incorporating companies to obtaining permits specific to your industry, among a lot of possibilities. 

Marín Ortega Estados Unidos

Do you want to create your company? 

At Marín Ortega we help you choose the corporate model that best suits you and then we will do all the paperwork for you before the respective entity. 

How about the United States? 

Open the doors to international opportunities and obtain tax and structural benefits. We also help you in the creation of your LLC in the United States.

Colombia Marín Ortega

Do you have a logo? A brand you want to protect? 

Your brand is more valuable than you can imagine. Prevent a third party from appropriating your work and the positioning you have achieved. 


We handle the entire trademark registration process, ensuring your assets are properly protected. Trust us to safeguard the identity of your business. 

How do you protect yourself? Do you have signed contracts? 

On many occasions, contracts signed are the ones that are sent by a third party without proper review, which does not allow you to truly protect the interests of your company. 

In the business world, every word counts. We offer contractual review and projection services of all types.  

Startup Marín Ortega

How to have a good team without many resources for salaries? How do I attract partners? 


There are many alternatives to attract and keep talent to your company outside of high salaries or fees.  We accompany you with vesting contracts, stock option plans, and specific legal strategies for startups.

Does your product need INVIMA registrations? Do you plan to offer health services? Or you simply don't know what you need?

At Marín Ortega we take care of obtaining the specific permits and registrations for your industry, for example if you want to create an IPS, we will do it for you. 

In this section, you will not only find impeccable legal services, but also services that will enhance every aspect of your business. We work hand in hand with experts in network management, branding, and startup acceleration. This way, we ensure that your company not only complies with all regulations, but also stands out and prospers in a competitive business world.

Podios morados

With the legal thing clear... find out how else Marín Ortega can support you 

We have closed an alliance with experts in network management and digital content creation. 

They will guide you in each step to position yourself on social networks such as Instagram, TikTok or Facebook. 

You will be able to have access to marketing and advertising specialists, participate in workshops and naming and branding processes. Reinventing your corporate image and taking your current brand to a new level is very simple with Marín Ortega

pared amarilla

Our alliance creates unmatched results. 

Marín Ortega - Alianza

Our allies are experts in content creation and branding for large companies. They are an extension of Marín Ortega, working to take your online presence and corporate image to new levels. Our services know no borders. Our network of experts has a presence in different countries.

We merge the legal with the visual and strategic to get the maximum potential out of your project.

Los precios dispuestos aquí tienen validez hasta el 29 de febrero de 2024

With Marín Ortega your business is supported every step of the way.

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